Build your own pension, protect your future!

Since 1998, there has been a 44% drop in Fortune 500 companies offering pensions; instead pushing their employees to manage their retirement themselves through a 401K or other management investment vehicle [Source: Towers Waters]

In light of significant fluctuations in the stock market over the past several years, many are taking their future into their own hands and  building their pension plans through real estate investments.

Imagine this scenario:
• You buy 5 homes with an average cost of $60k
• The rent is rolled over to buy another each time you hit $60K
• We assume a 3% appreciation
• What would you have in 15 years…? 30 years?

I am in year 3 of this exact journey. My wife and I now have 8 homes using the Alpine Turnkey rental process and average $4k/month in income replenishing a self directed IRA to fund additional rentals.

Turnkey rental investors dont have to deal with toilets or tenants and while there is no turnkey rental company that can guarentee 100% occupancy and no maintenance issues, when you use the company I do, you’re getting the best there is with a steady high rate of return.

So if you were to start the plan above today, would you be in a different tax bracket after 5 years? 10?  How about 15  or 30? Does building your own pension and not relying on the stock markets sound like something that would interest you? If so, fill out the form below with the best day and time to call you back. I’ll call you back to provide information and answer any questions you have.